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Safe Construction Company of Northwest Colorado Specializes in Foundation Waterproofing and Leak Repair.

Waterproof Your New Home or Structure

We use an environmental friendly 100% rubber polymer waterproofing membrane that is unsurpassed in spray-applied waterproofing.

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Already Have Foundation Leaks?

If your existing structure already has leaks and cracks, Safe Construction Company can repair that and prevent further damage. Our leak stop and crack repair methods can fix Wet Basements, Foundations, Pools, Garage Floors, Parking Structures, and more.

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Not Sure Where the Water is Coming From?

Sometimes you suddenly have water in your home or basement and cannot determine where the source is. We can inspect your structure to determine where the problem lies at no cost to you. We partner with local plumbers to help make determining and fixing your leak as hassle free as possible.

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Need to Repair, Renovate or Remodel Your Home?

Whether your home has been damaged, needs brought up to code or you just don't like the way something looks anymore, we can help you. We can do much of the work ourselves and have connections with other local contractors to save you the hassle of multiple contacts for one project.

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Safe Construction Company may also be able to help you in South West Wyoming or North East Utah. Contact Safe Construction Company if you have any Questions.

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